Travel Awards

VRA Travel Awards are available for attendance at the 2018 VRA conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 27-March 30th, 2018.  The deadline for receipt of applications will be Monday, November 13, 12pm EST.  The list of recipients will be announced on the VRA listserv the week commencing December 18, 2018.

Before you apply, PLEASE READ “Travel Award Rules, Guidelines and Tips” for VRA Travel Awards Applicants, and “Types of Travel Awards.” 


You do not need to be a member of the VRA to apply for a travel award, but please note that upon winning an award an applicant who is not a member of VRA must purchase a membership.

Please also note that award checks are distributed at the conference and as such, recipients will not have access to those funds ahead of the conference to set against travel expenses.

In order to allow funding to go further, Tansey awards will be distributed according to financial need i.e. full awards (up to $850) may be given to some, whilst lower amounts may be awarded to others with partial institutional/ other support. Travel Awards are intended to provide partial support for an individual’s conference attendance, and typically supplement support from one’s employer and/or personal resources.

For 2018, we are fortunate to have generous financial support from sponsors and funds provided by the membership including:

  • Two New Horizons awards of $850 each.  These awards are aimed at members in the following categories: solo VR professionals, part-time VR professionals, geographically isolated VR professionals, VR professionals in smaller institutions, and/or first-time attendees
  • A New Horizons student award of $300, for a full-time student enrolled in an accredited degree program and considering a career in visual resources
  • Kathe Hicks Albrecht award of $850
  • Tansey fund awards ranging from $250 to $850 each

Please email if you have any questions not answered by the documents noted above.

So don’t delay – apply today!