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It is important to ensure that there are, in fact, no contractual restrictions that limit or prohibit your intended use of this image. Many images are accompanied by licenses, and such licenses can appear on order forms or in other places that may not be immediately obvious.

In our experience, most artists and representatives of artists do not license or sell images of their works for teaching and study. Some organizations have collaborated with artists’ rights societies (who represent some artists) before sharing images of those artists’ works among institutions. You should exercise caution – and consult with institutional counsel – before you share an image with other institutions where the underlying work is by an artist represented by an artists’ rights society.

If the photographic reproduction originated from a photographer or vendor that licenses or sells images to the educational community for educational use, it is advisable to seek permission from that photographer or vendor before using this image, or to use a different image of the same work from another source. This may be prudent even if you think an image is not copyrightable, as that determination is typically very factually based, and different people (and different courts) may disagree.

The uses marked in red may be fair uses in some instances. These uses are marked in red because some artists and artists’ representatives, and many photographers and image providers, license or sell images for these uses. In such circumstances, it is advisable to obtain permissions before making such a use.

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